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Product Guide

Supports Bone Health

Enhances Brain Function

Regulates Hormones

Boosts Immunity

Aids Wound Healing

Promotes Joint Health

Improves Cognitive Function

Enhances Muscle Coordination



Life Extension boron supports a wide range of health benefits. It aids in the proper metabolism of calcium and magnesium thereby helping to maintain strong bones, as well as promoting immune and nervous system health. Furthermore, it is shown to play a role in maintaining joint health and healthy hormone activity.


Supplementing with Life Extension Boron in a training program can be advantageous for individuals aiming to support bone health and improve joint function. This is especially relevant during intense training when there's a higher demand on the skeletal system. Additionally, boron may aid in hormone regulation, potentially benefiting muscle coordination and overall exercise performance.


Life Extension Boron is well suited to individuals undertaking intense training, particularly those looking to enhance bone and joint health. It is also valuable for athletes and fitness enthusiasts who place greater demands on their musculoskeletal system during rigorous workouts.