Scitec Vitamin D3
Scitec Vitamin D3

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Scitec Vitamin D3

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Contains 200% DV for Vitamin D3

Important vitamin for hormonal function

Difficult to contain enough D3 through diet

Essential for optimal health

Increases absorption of calcium and phosphorus

Scitec Vitamin D3


Vitamin D supplementation is advocated by scientists to improve health parameters. Vitamin D3 is more bioavailable than other forms of the vitamin and is used by the body to support a wide range of physiological functions including bone health, immunity and cognition. This vitamin is also essential for hormonal modulation particularly testosterone.


Vitamin D3 is an essential vitamin for the body which means that it should be consumed year round to ensure that you get the beneficial effects. If you live in a particularly cold climate with minimal sunlight or sun exposure, you should consider consuming vitamin D supplements.


Vitamin D3 is not consumed at a high level amongst most of the population which is why it is recommended for everyone to supplement with a Vitamin D3 tablet