Does pre workout expire? {& How to Fix a Clumpy Hard Batch}

Does pre workout expire? {& How to Fix a Clumpy Hard Batch}

Does pre workout expire? {& How to Fix a Clumpy Hard Batch}


So you've opened your fresh tub of pre-workout... and it's formed one solid block already! The product is still in date, so are there any health risks to drinking it? Today we're answering some commonly asked questions about pre-workout supplements so that you can use yours safely and keep annoyance to a minimum!

Does pre workout expire? (The quick answer)

Like protein powder, fat burners and other dietary supplements, pre-workouts will tend to have a use by date printed on the tub. If your pre-workout is beyond this date, yes it has expired! Most ingredients will work best within date but some people will opt to use the supplement anyway.

There are times when you should never use a past date supplement - such as if you are faced with moldy pre workout. This should immediately be disposed of! There may be some side effects associated with consuming an expired pre-workout such as gas or an upset stomach.

How to tell if your pre workout is expired

  • foul smell
  • unusual clumping (some products are prone to this)
  • changes in how the product mixes
  • mold

Does pre workout go bad after mixing?

Ideally, you will only mix your pre-workout right before using. But if you prep yours before work, for example, there shouldn't be any problems. The one ingredient that may begin to degrade is creatine so you can take a capsule creatine if worried about losing the benefits.

Is it safe to use clumpy pre workout that’s dried up?

If the pre-workout is within date and does not show warning signs such as mold, it is still completely safe to use in a dried up state. Some pre-workouts are more likely to clump than others, especially those with certain pump ingredients. Your dried up pre-workout is probably just fine!

Why does pre workout go lumpy in the first place?

If a pre-workout has gone lumpy before its expiration date, this is likely because it contains ingredients which attract water at room temperature, known as hygrosopic ingredients. Glycerol is one which is known for doing this! More often than not, this won't affect how effective the supplement is.

Sometimes this is completely unavoidable, or the powder will already be clumped when you open it, but there are things we can do to avoid or manage it.

No More Lumpy Pre-Workouts

How to fix clumpy pre workout (even if it’s a hard block)

Here’s how to fix your clumpy, hard pre workout problem, depending on the severity of the issue.

If you just need to use a quick serving, weigh out a block of pre-workout that meets the recommended serving size. Add a tiny bit of water and use a spoon to break down the block into a thick paste. You can then continue adding water until you have the desired amount and the pre-workout is fully dissolved.

If you want to break down larger amounts, it might be possible to do so.

Step 1

Empty the tub into a blender.

Step 2

Break down the powder until it returns to a fine powder.

Step 3

Return to the original tub or an airtight container. You may now use the original scoop to take a serving!

How do you keep pre workout from clumping to begin with?

Here’s how to keep your pre workout from clumping up & getting hard:

1. Make sure it is sealed tightly

You might be so excited to get to the gym that you don't fully close the tub before throwing back in your cupboard, car boot or gym bag. Always make sure the screw top is completely closed! Not only could this allow air and moisture to get in, but nasty bacterias that could cause illness might get in!

2. Store correctly

Tubs of pre-workout should be kept cool and away from direct sunlight. We'd suggest keeping in a closed cupboard or drawer, or some people even opt to keep theirs in the fridge where it is cold and dark. This is certainly worth considering for those living in warm climates where room temperature is higher than normal.

3. Don't allow water to get into the tub

If you are rushing to mix your pre, you might let some water from your shaker spill into the tub. This will likely cause the product to begin to clump prematurely. While this probably won't spoil the product, it will make it difficult to scoop.

4. Don't open the tub until you're ready to start using it

As excited as you may be, avoid opening the seal on your new tub until you're ready to use it. If you still have 2 full tubs of pre-workout to get through first, don't risk air and moisture getting into the tub for longer than needed! Keep in a dry place out of the way.

5. Leave the silica packet in the tub

If your pre-workout contains a silica packet, this is probably because it is prone to clumping. Leave this in the tub to absorb any moisture that might get in and maintain the quality of your pre-workout powder.

6. Regularly stir or shake the tub

Avoid letting the powder settle for too long by giving it a good shake (with the lid on!) or stir each time you go to take a scoop.


The main take home point here is that the date on your pre-workout should probably be adhered to, and clumping probably doesn't mean that there is anything wrong with your product before that time. Even the best pre-workouts can do it - although it can be annoying! To avoid this completely, there are a number of pre-workout alternatives

If you are using sports and bodybuilding supplements, always check the dates and store them correctly to avoid any issues. 

No More Lumpy Pre-Workouts


Can old pre workout make you sick?

If your pre-workout is actually significantly past its use by date (not best before) it might cause some issues such as gastric distress - something you probably want to avoid in the gym! While this should pass pretty quickly, it is certainly unpleasant and should be avoided.

Can pre workout lose its potency?

Most performance ingredients in pre-workouts won't lose their potency, however certain amino acids for example may begin to break down so their benefits are diminished. To maintain the quality of your supplement, store away from heat or moisture and use before the best by date.