Mystery Pro Bodybuilder Interview

Mystery Pro Bodybuilder Interview

Mystery Pro Bodybuilder Interview


When we see professional athletes portrayed in the media we see heroic figures who sacrifice everything in the pursuit of glory but we very rarely get a true peek at what goes on into achieving the success you see. Every sportsperson will jealously guard the secrets to their success so as not to give an advantage to their competition.

Nowhere does the pursuit of success attract quite such extremes of dedication as the lifestyle of a professional bodybuilder but we wanted to give our readers a glimpse at what it takes to reach the pinnacle of the sport so we recently spoke with a leading professional bodybuilder who has been involved in the sport for several years to ask them to divulge what really goes on in this most extreme of sports. We asked for one thing only and that is for them to give a true and full account of what the professional bodybuilding lifestyle is like and to leave nothing out.

We do not endorse any of the views or the practices portrayed in this article!

Predator Nutrition – Thanks for taking time out of your week to have this interview. How is training going?


Bodybuilder X – Not a problem, training is going well but it gets harder the longer you are in this game and I have been in it a long time now.


PN – What challenges do you find for the older athlete?


BX – The main one I think is you just don’t recover like you used to.  People think when they first start training that they are indestructible but I found that once I get one injury then you never ever get back to being injury free for long so knowing to know when to push and when not to is a key for me.


PN – What kind of injuries are we talking about?


BX – Shit, I don’t even know where to start. I have torn my quad, torn my hamstrings, my back is fucked these days from slipped discs, I can’t even deadlift anymore and I was the one who would call you a queer if I saw guys who never did deads. Apart from that, my knees are ok but my shoulders are always sore, my pec-delt tie in seems to get inflamed any time I bench so these days my chest routine looks like something out of a fucking Mr Motivator session haha.


PN – Do you ever think that with so many injuries that it’s time to take things a bit easier?


BX – Fuck no. Shit, I would rather be dead than be a fat cunt sitting at home watching TV. Fuck that. The day I stop training is the day I am pushing daisies.


PN – You are dedicated, no doubt about that. What do you think is the biggest factor in your success in bodybuilding to date?


BX – Simple really, I fucking hate losing. No matter what I play, whether it was playing football as a kid, bodybuilding, fucking bitches, no matter what I simply have to be the top dog, the one everyone else looks to and simply knows is the alpha male in the room. People might think that is backward but fuck them, most of these losers wouldn’t be worth of tying my shoelaces and in my opinion it is why I am successful and they are not. Quite simply, I never ever, ever fucking relax and that drive to push forward no matter what is why I am good at what I do.


PN – Can you give an example of how this attitude manifests itself in bodybuilding?


BX – Sure, it means that when I bulk, I fucking bulk. No pissing around like these metrosexual fanboys today walking around expos with their fucking 15 inch arms and skintight tank tops worrying about their fucking bicep veins while they are walking around with a goddam half gallon jug full of amino acids. Shit, that is what is wrong with bodybuilding today, full of  pipe hitting cunts that don’t know what it takes to go after a goal and keep doing it.

Same thing when I diet. I DIET. None of this shit you hear today from fags about making sure you get your macros in and you will be fine – all the pricks who say that look like bicycle fucking riders with no mass at all. Dieting means setting your calories, eating a shit load of protein, clean carbs and fucking doing it day in and day out. Cheat days are for sissies who don’t have the guts to follow through and they wonder why they look like shit and never get anywhere.


PN – Do you mean by this that you are not a big believer in IIFYM, the idea that…?


BX – IIFYM is bullshit dude. Nobody takes that shit seriously apart from these wannabe bodybuilders who talk shit on blogs like that Ice Cream guy – these guys would get laughed off the stage at even an amateur contest and somehow idiots listen to them despite the guy being a total fat cunt.


PN – Switching gears a little, how important are supplements for you?


BX – I don’t take anything apart from a protein shake for convenience, the rest is a waste of money.


PN – Why do you say it is a waste of money, many ingredients have a lot of research showing they can enhance performance and muscle mass?


BX – Maybe for metro boys who don’t know what it takes to be the best but anybody on a stage with me won’t be taking anything like that.


PN – Is there any assistance needed to reach the top?


BX – I was wondering when we would start talking about that! You fucking bet, there is. Nobody, and I mean fucking nobody is gonna get on a stage unless they are banging in a shitload more into their body than creatine. Maybe in Arnold’s day you could get by with a cycle of dbol and a cutting cycle of winny later in the year when it came to contest tme but nowadays the only ones who would run a cycle would be the Male Bikini model guys.


PN – Do you mean male physique athletes?


BX – I mean whoever is out there claiming to be natty or else competes in one of those fake bodybuilder classes you see nowadays. Look, the clue is in the name, bodybuilding, not fucking swimmerbuilding. But yeah, the only ones running such light cycles are those guys.


PN – So what does a typical cycle look like for you, say if you are bulking?


BX – Bulking cycles I keep pretty simple. I will usually run 2 grams of test a week as a base, and then add in 75mg of Tren Ace a day. Apart from that I might throw in some Adex or Femara but as far anabolics are go I don’t find I need anything else.

When I was younger I would take some Adrol and Dbol but nowadays I stay away from orals like that as they bloat you up.  I actually find a prohormone can do a better job than those since they are oral but don’t cause bloat but I would always keep cycles small even then except for the Tren and Test which I will run on all the time.

Apart from anabolics, I will run growth hormone all the time at 8IU a day, every day and will bring in some GHRP-6 which I really like for making me hungry as a motherfucker – that shit makes bulking easy. I run T3 at 50mcg a day when bulking as well to help my metabolism stay fast and keep lean.

Lastly, I also use Humalog (an injectable form of the drug Insulin) a lot. By itself it will just make you fat but when you take it alongside anabolics and peptides it’s the single greatest reason why bodybuilders today are so much bigger than back in Lee Haney or Dorian Yates’s day.


PN – Really, that is an interesting one, what led you into using a drug that most people will associate with diabetics or with something that is bad for getting lean given the popularity of low carb diets today?


BX – Well, in this respect there was nobody in the circles I was training with when I first started using AAS/GH etc that was using insulin. Nobody at all but we had heard about it and it was rumoured that Nasser El Sonbaty was playing with it and to anybody who was into pro bodybuilding in the late 90’s Nasser’s physique was bigger and as ripped as anyone, better than Dorian in my opinion.

Anyway, I was reading a lot of stuff from Dave Palumbo (Palumbo would later set up the popular supplement brand Species Nutrition) and he was a big fan of insulin. It took a bit of experimentation but I started off with shooting 2IU of Humalog after a workout with my post-workout shake and then when I saw the results I gradually stepped it up so that when I am bulking I am now using 4IU with each morning meal and then 8IU after training. Quite simply, I blew up like a balloon within an hour of injecting and with all the other stuff I am on I also stayed lean.


PN – When you say you are on anabolics all the time, do you mean you never come off?


BX – I never come off now, no. If I did I would probably wanna shoot myself in the head haha.


PN – Do you ever worry about taking so many drugs and how they might be wreaking havoc on your body?


BX – No, not really. I get my bloods taken every 4 months and my doctor says that I am in good shape, my blood pressure is a little high but my diastolic is below 70 which is considered healthy. I avoid orals so my liver enzymes are not in bad shape. Of course, I maintain good definition as well, I never let myself turn into a fat fuck even off-season so that is good for your health – most guys who have kicked the bucket either were abusing too much shit for too long, let themselves get as fat as walruses during off-season or else tried to stay too lean year round like Munzer.


PN – When you are dieting, how do you change things up?


BX - First of all I will drop my test down to 500mg. I will never ever go lower than that on test as it is too important for your mood. Tren gets bumped up to 150mg a day when I am dieting and I will then run some Primo if I can get a hold of it and if not I will run 100mg of Anavar a day. Apart from that I might add some things now and then if I can get hold of it but I generally like to keep things simple.

Dieting is normally when I start to do a lot more different kind of stuff I would not do bulking.

PN – Can you shed some more light on that then?


BX – Sure.

Well most of the stuff I do when bulking I will keep in but just adjust dosing except GHRP-6 which I drop entirely.

I will bump the GH up to 10IU early on in my diet but by the end, when it comes to getting that super lean, dry look I have to cut it right down to 2IU as GH makes you bloated from the water retention as well.

I like to run some Igf-1 in the last few weeks of a diet and I find that helps especially with getting you lean and vascular but the main changes for me diet wise are that I bring in stimulants. I usually start off with some old ephedrine tabs that I have from maybe 10 years ago. Nobody seems to be able to get legit ephedrine any more so as I have a bag of 1000 or so, I take 4 x 30mg tabs a day to help me get leaner and kill my hunger.  I will run ephedrine throughout a diet but in the last 6-8 weeks I will drop it down to 2 tabs a day and bring in some clenbuterol and then run that alongside some Zaditen. Doing that as a stack means you can continue to get good results from Clen all the way until my diet is over.

The other thing I will bring in when I start my diet is dopaminergics like Cabergoline, there is some research out there that they can really help cut appetite as well as boost fat loss and as a bonus they really help libido. When I really need to get lean fast though I will switch it out for some Pergolide. That shit is brutal – the first time I took it I took too much and just fell asleep for 24hrs, now I know how to take it and its amazing for getting lean easily while it lets you eat a lot and stay lean so my performance in the gym stays up.

I will then also bring in something called PGCL but that shit is serious shit and if there is anything I take that can fuck you up in a hurry, it is that. When I say serious shit I mean it literally. The first time I took it I accidentally took too much and within 10mins I was on the toilet and I was literally pissing shit out of my ass for the next few hrs!


PN – Jesus, that sounds brutal.


BX – Yeah I know, I felt so dehydrated but literally I could not get off the toilet as it was something I could not control at all. Eventually I adjusted my dosing and now it works amazingly well. I don’t know how it works exactly but when you take it you spot inject it and you get muscle growth at the point you inject it, incredible fat loss and it also acts as a diuretic. Nothing, and I mean nothing comes close to getting you ultra shredded and dry as PGCL.


PN – Is that about everything?


BX – No, there is so much stuff I probably am forgetting stuff but at different times I will take painkillers to manage the comedown from stimulants, occasionally I will do a line before a heavy session to get some extra reps out, and then there are a bunch of random things I have tried like Dantrium which helps you relax – that one is another you got to get the dosing right. The first time I took it I thought it was gonna be like Valium and instead I was literally lying in bed completely unable to move and even the next morning it felt like my muscles had turned to jelly haha.


PN – What do you think readers will think when they are reading all this?


BX – No idea. Maybe they will think I am dumb, who knows, I could not care less. What I can tell them is that this is nothing, if anything I am a clean athlete versus some out there.


PN – Really? What else could anybody possibly take that you don’t?


BX – All sorts of shit really, I know guys who used to shoot Nubain after training because they had use speed before working out and needed to relax afterwards. I will take some Codeine or Dihydrocodeine after training but apart from that I don’t need anything stronger. With the guys who were shooting Nubain pretty soon they were justifying it before a workout to help them push harder, on a rest day to help lower cortisol etc. Basically, they were smackheads who were justifying their drug use and that’s not the least of it.


PN – You are kidding right?


BX – No, most pro’s are into all sorts of shit. I may do a line of coke every few months but some guys out there are abusing that every weekend along with loads of MDMA, Ketamine, GHB, you name it. These are guys with extreme personalities and most of them cannot afford it so they end up turning tricks to pay for it.


PN – Turning tricks? As in prostitution?


BX – That is too nice a word for it. I am talking about these secret queers who are getting paid 10k to get bum rushed by some rich queer and his friends. They say they are straight but most pro’s make no money, are stupid as fuck and got no self respect at all. When some fag puts a wad of cash in front of them but wants to chem fuck you all night, these guys soon get used to it haha.


PN – Wow, I think most people would find that incredible to believe, that famous bodybuilders are doing this?


BX – Maybe, but if they think these unemployed fuckers are getting the money for their drugs not to mention their food and fast cars from supplement companies, they are living in cloud cuckoo land.


PN – We have to wrap this up. What words of advice would you have for readers who read this and want to compete in bodybuilding?


BX – Simple really. Ensure you have a good business or job to pay for everything you will need to be able to compete but aside from that get a good coach who can appraise your physique while natural. The truth is that bodybuilding success requires great genetics. You can take all the drugs in the world, eat and train perfectly but if you don’t have the right muscle structure then you are better off paying for tickets and watching me on show.


PN – Thank you for your time, it has been elightening to say the least.


BX – No worries, any time.