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Creatine Decanate
Save up to 20% off
Creatine Decanate

Creatine Decanate Creatine



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Creatine Decanate

Product Guide

Purified, micronized Creatine Monohydrate

Increase Muscle Size and Strength

Boosts ATP and energy Output during exercise

Speeds Recovery and Reduce Muscle Soreness

DecaDrive Delivery system

5g of Creatine per serving

Creatine Decanate


Creatine is the most researched supplement on the market with many papers showing the benefits of creatine supplementation such as increase in strength, speed and power by saturating the ATP system with creatine for extra energy and improvement of cell volume.


There’s a lack of research showing the optimal time to supplement on Creatine so as a recommendation take a serving before and a serving after the workout to saturate and replenish Creatine stores in the muscle.


Creatine Decanate is a simple Purified Creatine Monohydrate supplement suitable for anyone looking to improve speed, strength and muscle size.


Musclemeds Creatine Decanate


Mix one level scoop of Creatine Decanate with 8 to 10 oz. (240-300mL) of water, juice or your favorite sports drink. Take 1 to 2 times daily.



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