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Lactase Enzyme 100 Caps
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Lactase Enzyme 100 Caps

Lactase Enzyme 100 Caps Digestive Health Supplements

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Lactase Enzyme 100 Caps

Product Guide

1 capsule delivers 50mg of lactase

Each capsule can digest 20-26g of lactose

Supports sensitivity to lactose

Removes any unpleasant symptoms of lactose intolerance

Easy to swallow capsules

Lactase Enzyme 100 Caps


Lactase Enzyme is a lactase-digestive enzyme involved in the digestion of milk and the lactose content of dairy products. Therefore, Lactase Enzyme is an ideal supplement for those who would like to take advantage of the whey protein, casein, caseinate, or other proteins, but are sensitive to lactose.


Take the lactase enzyme before consuming meals that contain any foods containing lactose (such as whey, casein, milk protein drinks and products containing milk)


This product is designed for individuals who have a sensitivity to lactose. (1 capsule is usually enough to digest 20-26 g of lactose - this amount of lactose contains 400 ml of whole milk.).


Scitec Nutrition Lactase Enzyme 100 Caps


Take 1 capsule with each lactose containing meal including whey, casein, caseinate, milk protein drinks.