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Exotherm 120ml
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Exotherm 120ml

Exotherm 120ml Fat Burners

Black Lion Research


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Exotherm 120ml

Product Guide

Potent aromatase inhibiting effects

Topical application for targeted impact and greater absorption

Blocks estrogen and helps prevent fat accumulation

Additional fat burning ingredients added for greater effects

Stearoyl vanillylamide and cirsium oligophyllum increase thermogenesis and lipolysis

Promotes a leaner, harder physique

Stackable with stimulant based fat burners

Exotherm 120ml


Black Lion Research's Exotherm contains potent aromatase inhibiting ingredients to block estrogen and promote fat loss. Lowering estrogen also increases testosterone meaning a leaner, more muscular physique is the result. It also targets includes fat burning nutrients which further promote fat loss while the topical delivery form increases absorption.


When you want to lean out and achieve a hard, dry physique - before a competition, for example - then Exotherm is an excellent choice. It does not need PCT but like all hormonal products, we would not recommend using it for extended periods of time.


Exotherm is for experienced bodybuilders looking to burn fat and lean out. It is for use by healthy, adult males over the age of 21 only. It is a good choice if you are intolerant to the high stimulant levels in thermogenic fat burners, but it could also be stacked with such products if you want even greater effects.


Black Lion Research Exotherm 120ml


Apply 1 pump up to 3 times daily. Apply directly to upper chest, neck, delts, or inner thighs. Use wrist, not hands, to rub in. For healthy adult males over the age of 21 only.



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