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Blackstone ViperX
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Blackstone ViperX

Blackstone ViperX Fat Burners

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Blackstone ViperX

Product Guide

Contains stimulant ingredients

Increase adherence to low calorie diet

Feel more energised throughout the day

To be used while in an energy deficit

Capsule version of the popular powder

Includes the 'Devil's Horsewhip'

Blackstone ViperX


Weight loss is a tricky process, and a tough one to commit to. You have hit a plateau. Are your energy dipping and your appetite high? ViperX might be the product for you! The advanced formula assists your diet through multiple mechanisms with well-studied ingredients.


Use during a fat loss phase to support your programme. As this product contains stimulants, we would not advise using them late in the day as sleep might be interrupted. When you've made your way to 2 capsules per day, separate by bi-daily intervals. One in the morning, one in the afternoon.


This product will yield the best results for individuals committed to a structured dieting phase, in cohesion with adherence to a training and nutrition programme. Not suited to those who are sensitive to caffeine/stimulant-based products.



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