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Paraburn Fat Burners

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Product Guide

Potent fat burner containing clinically proven ingredients

Caffeine Anhydrous promotes improved mood, focus and enhanced energy

Aids adherence to a calorie deficit and thus optimizes your cutting phase

Can increase metabolic rate and NEAT levels

Theobromine prevents a stimulant 'crash'



Paraburn is one of the most exciting new fat burners at Predator Nutrition, and for good reason! Caffeine Anhydrous is one of the most clinically researched ingredients, and frequently shows correlations with reduced body fat levels - through increased energy and improved mood and focus: all factors vulnerable to taking a hit when cutting. Working in cohesion Theobromine, you can experience the true stimulating benefits but without the associated 'crash'. Achyranthes Aspera can also increase metabolic rate and decrease appetite. Clearly, this is a product that can not only aid your adherence to a calorie deficit, but also accelerate your fat loss.


Best used when undertaking a structured fat loss phase, to really optimize your results.


Anybody wanting to achieve the physique of their dreams, maintaining lean muscle tissue while stripping fat stores to unveil your hard work in the gym. Both men and women over the age of 21 can use this product - however it may not be best suited for those who are caffeine sensitive.



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