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Absolutely Abliderated
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Absolutely Abliderated

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Absolutely Abliderated

Product Guide

The only solution for VAT (Visceral Adipose Tissue) caused by stress

VAT fat is dangerous to health and linked to heart disease

Lowers cortiol, a stress hormone, which improves both health and helps fat loss

The best product for those with protruding stomachs due to fat around internal organs

Inhibits the storage of body fat

Boosts the body's ability to mobilise and oxidise fat

Absolutely Abliderated


Absolutely Abliderated is the ultimate formula for localized cortisol control. Using a specialized carrier formula, absolutely Abliderated delivers potent cortisol blocking ingredients into local adipose tissue, blocking the signal for the body to create dangerous visceral fat. Results are a rapid and dramatic decrease in waist circumference.


Absolutely Abliderated should be used when looking to lose weight, alongside a good diet and training based weight loss programme.


This product is for adults looking to lose weight from their midsection, particularly those with fatty deposits caused by high stress levels.


Evomuse Absolutely Abliderated


Rub one 10p coin sized amount around entire midsection. For topical use only. DO NOT INGEST.



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