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The Ripper

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30 Servings

The Ripper

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One of the best-selling burners in the world

Follows on from acclaimed pre-workout The Curse

Unlock a new level of energy for performance

Fast-acting; feel it from the very first dose

Loads of delicious flavours to choose from

50% of your daily vitamin C amount in one serving

Contains JNX's own Extreme Muscle Fuel Blend

Contains JNX's own Ripper Shred Matrix

The Ripper


JNX Sports have been praised over the years for combining outstanding flavour with formulas that produce results. If you like The Curse, then you'll be pleased to know that The Ripper was inspired by it, by taking ingredients you usually find in a pre-workout and combining ingredients that point your progress primarily towards burning fat.


The Ripper should be used alongside a good diet and training programme when used for fat loss, and can also be used in the same way as a pre-workout. This product should be cycled after a maximum of 60 days of use.


Perfect for those who liked The Curse and those who get good results from thermogenic fat burners. If you are stimulant intolerant you should consider different kinds of fat burners that target different pathways (see our non-stimulant fat burners section).



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