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Platinum 100% Fish Oil
ALL: Save up to 10%!
Platinum 100% Fish Oil

Platinum 100% Fish Oil Fish Oils and Essential Fat Supplements (EFAs)



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Fish Oils and Essential Fat Supps




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Platinum 100% Fish Oil

Product Guide

Supports healthy joints

Improves condition on skin and hair

Enteric-coated softgels so no fishy taste

Good supply of Omega 3's

Promotes healthy cholesterol levels

Improves overall body composition

Platinum 100% Fish Oil


Unlike other fish oil supplements there are no fishy after tastes with Platinum 100% Fish Oil thanks to the enteric coated softgels. Each serving contains 300mg EPA/DHA which are vital for maintaining healthy joints, skin and hair. Joint health especially is vital as physical exercise can put a lot of stress on joint tissue. Omega 3 has also been proven to improve optimal eye and cognitive function for improved mental performance.


It's important to take Omega 3 on a regular basis especially if exercise is a part of your daily life. This is one supplement to take every day all year round.


Platinum 100% Fish Oil is essential for everyone to ensure optimal Omega 3 intake which in today's modern diet means just about everyone.