Scitec: Save 15% off
Omega 3
Scitec: Save 15% off
Omega 3

Omega 3 Fish Oils and Essential Fat Supplements (EFAs)

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Fish Oils and Essential Fat Supps




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Omega 3

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Supports healthy cardiovascular systems

Supports normal brain health

Can help to reduce inflammation

Help maintain healthy blood pressure levels

Improves overall health parameters

Omega 3


High fat foods also contain a lot of calories, and sometimes these calories do not fit into your macros for the day. When this happens, supplementing with tablets can be the best option to ensure that yous till get the same health benefits. Using Omega 3 softgels ensures that you get the cardiovascular and neurovascular benefits of EPA and DHA.


Scitec Omega 3 should be taken regularly, ideally daily, to support overall health and well-being.


Omega 3’s from Scitec can be taken by anyone – especially those who struggle to eat the recommended 2x portions of fatty fish per week.