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MP Liquid Chalk

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MP Liquid Chalk

Product Guide

Improves your ability to lift more weight

By stabilising your grip users benefit from imparting greater force into the bar

Works even on lifts not thought of as being limited by your grip such as squats or curls

In pulling exercises it can make a dramatic difference in performance

None of the messiness of normal gym chalk

Works using magnesium carbonate which is perfectly safe

MP Liquid Chalk


Chalk has been used a lot in other sports such as rock climbing or powerlifting for its grip improving benefits. However, standard chalk is very messy and gets everywhere. Liquid chalk is much cleaner and means no chalk dust over your clothes or the gym floor. You will get a significantly improved grip which allows you to transfer more power and lift more for longer.


Use before any heavy set by applying to your hands and waiting for them to dry.


Anybody who lifts weights but also individuals involved in exercise of any kind involving the control of significant forces such as gymnasts.


Myprotein MP Liquid Chalk


Apply to hands or feet as required. After use we recommend using soapy water to wash the product off. Do not taste or swallow and it is always best to test first on a small patch of skin to check for any reaction. Do not put on broken skin.