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Liv.52 DS 60 Tablets
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Liv.52 DS 60 Tablets

Liv.52 DS 60 Tablets Liver Support Supplements



Liver Support


Liver Support Supplements




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60 Tablets
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Liv.52 DS 60 Tablets

Product Guide

Liver Support

Potent hepatoprotective properties

Restores functional efficiency of the liver

Protects against live damage

Ensures protection from alcohol-induced damage

Prevents fatty infiltration of the liver

Liv.52 DS 60 Tablets


Use Himalaya Liv.52 DS (Double Strength) for Hepatoprotective action. The natural ingredients in Liv.52 DS have potent hepatoprotective properties protecting against chemically-induced hepatotoxicity (liver damage). <p> Protect your liver against the damage that alcohol and other substances can cause!


Use Himalaya Liv.52 DS (Double Strength) when you want to improve your liver health and also protect against liver damage. This is useful if you are someone who drinks alcohol more than is recommended for liver health, or you envisage a particularly alcohol-heavy week/end. Whether it be due to social events, the festive season or other, this supplement can help support your liver health when consuming too much alcohol. <p> This supplement is also useful for those with disordered eating patterns who don't eat enough or don't have a sufficient appetite, Liv.52 can help. <p>This supplement can be used year-round and during any phase of your fitness and supplementation cycle.


Ideal for anyone male or female who is consuming too much alcohol and anyone who is having challenges with sufficient appetite.


Himalaya Liv.52 DS 60 Tablets


Take two (2) tablets twice daily initially, followed by one (1) table twice daily, or as directed by your physician.