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Clear Muscle
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Clear Muscle

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Clear Muscle

Product Guide

Global MuscleTech exclusive

Patented BetaTor of free acid form of HMB

Study with Clear Muscle showed over 16lb of lean mass gains in competitive strength athletes

Enhances muscle gain by enabling faster recovery and promoting a positive net muscle balance

Superior to regular HMB in absorption and results

Being a metabolite of Leucine, Clear Muscle can be safely stacked with anything

Perfect for those engaged in high intensity exercise with an extensive eccentric component

Clear Muscle


Clear Muscle is a new form of HMB called HMB-FA. Unlike HMB which tends to be hit or miss for people this new form of HMB has very impressive data with one signature study conducted by Layne Norton's alma mater, the University of Tampa showing gains of 1lb of lean mass per week in already advanced athletes who were already squatting over 500lb before using Clear Muscle. In advanced athletes this is a simply stunning accomplishment.


As Clear Muscle is a product which aids in recovery it is recommended to be consumed every day. Clear Muscle will be most beneficial if you are involved in high intensity, high volume exercise with a lot of eccentric activity. In such cases this is worth its weight in gold.


Clear Muscle is suitable for anyone of any age/sex seeking a safe, natural supplement capable of improving muscle recovery and strength at a tremendous rate.



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