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Muscle Builder
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Muscle Builder

Muscle Builder Muscle Building Supplements



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Muscle Building Supplements




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Muscle Builder

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Uses PEAK ATP®, the ultimate energy source driving human force potential

Clinically proven in a 12 week study with human subjects

Muscle Builder users gained 90% greater muscle mass vs a placebo group

Subjects using Muscle Builder had 147% greater increases in strength

Boosts muscle growth by activating mTOR

Enhances local muscle endurance to help you push out more reps as well as boost cardio performance

Rapid gains in strength

100% Natural and safe natural muscle building agent

Muscle Builder


Muscle Builder uses PEAK ATP®, a natural compound that your body uses to enable you to lift weights, run faster and indeed power all movement. Scientifically tested to increase muscle mass and strength by 90% and 147% respectively vs a placebo, Muscle Builders offers users seeking a natural muscle builder the beauty of a supplement that works not only to increase muscle and strength but which also enhances cellular processes that enhance protein synthesis while further promoting gains in endurance.


Muscle Builder is a supplement that can be used year-round. The mechanism of action is one which your body will not adapt to since it does not involve any manipulation of hormones but rather relies on providing your body with the fuel source it needs to increase performance and muscle gains.


Anybody can use Muscle Builder safely. Both men and women as well as those whose athletic focus is as varied as endurance sports to bodybuilding will benefit from Muscle Builder which despite the name delivers on a number of areas other than just muscle mass.



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