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Original Meal Replacement
Original Meal Replacement

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Original Meal Replacement


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38g protein per serving

Low in fat and sugar

Delicious chocolate or vanilla flavour

6g BCAAs

3g l-glutamine for intestinal health

Aspartame free

Original Meal Replacement


In a fast paced world, it's sometimes difficult to ensure that we get good quality protein, vitamins and minerals to support our bodies. MetRX have created a superb profile of all the above, containing low calories, high protein, low sugar and fat in this meal replacement. This great on the go meal is suitable for even the busiest of people and means that no matter what, you won't lose those hard earned gains.


MetRX can be used at anytime of day: Post workout by providing fast digesting proteins, and an extended amino acid profile for recovery. You can use this with or between meals to increase protein quality and content, and to keep amino acid levels elevated to support muscular growth and recovery. Or before bed! The content of slow digesting protein from milk makes this a great choice for "time-released" amino acid delivery.


For weight gaining you can add higher calorie foods such as full fat milk, fruit juices or nut butters to increase calorie intake over the day. For dieters, make the drink with skimmed milk or just use water. This product is suitable for all!



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