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Casein Complex 920g Vanilla
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Casein Complex 920g Vanilla

Casein Complex 920g Vanilla Protein Powder

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Protein Powder




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Casein Complex 920g Vanilla

Product Guide

22g Protein per serving

Slow digesting: allowing long-lasting protein supply to muscle

Unique blend of Casein, L-Glutamine and BCAAs

Low in sugar and fat

Ensures prolonged satiation

Great taste and mixes well

Casein Complex 920g Vanilla


Scitec Nutrition, a company known for its innovative products, have combined the best quality ingredients to provide a Casein blend guaranteed to optimize recovery and promote muscle growth. The slow-digesting nature of casein ensures your muscles are receiving a consistent supply of fuel, while L-Glutamine creates an optimal environment for muscle anabolism. No matter your goal, whether you are striving for a lean, athletic physique, or just a supplement to enhance a healthy lifestyle - this product is for you!


Best used either before bed or when meals are excessively spaced out - and can be used consistently in line with a balanced diet.


This product is ideal for anyone wanting to optimize muscle growth and/or maintenance. For dieters, the satiating properties yet sweet flavor can act as a perfect snack to fend off cravings, while maintaining precious muscle. For those wanting to put on size, this product ensures a constant anabolic state to really maximize your training and nutrition. Even if you are just someone who wants to live a healthier lifestyle, Casein provides a tasty source of protein to be enjoyed in conjunction with a healthy diet. Thus, this really is a product that can benefit everyone!


Scitec Nutrition Casein Complex 920g Vanilla


Mix 1 serving (30 g) with 350 ml liquid per day and shake vigorously! 100% Casein Complex can be ideal when consuming a full meal isn't possible, or before going to bed. If you use pre- and intra-workout nutrition (protein or amino acids), it may be preferable to include Casein as the main post-workout protein.



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