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Animal Whey 908g Cookies & Cream
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Animal Whey 908g Cookies & Cream

Animal Whey 908g Cookies & Cream Protein Powder



Build Muscle


Whey Protein




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Animal Whey 908g Cookies & Cream

Product Guide

Supports lean muscle growth and recovery

High quality whey protein isolate and concentrate

Amazing taste in each flavour

25g protein in each serving

Very low in fat and carbohydrates

Added digestive enzyme blend

Animal Whey 908g Cookies & Cream


Animal Whey from Universal uses high quality protein sources for maximum recovery and muscle growth. Using high quality protein leads to reduced carbs and fat in each serving, meaning it has no negative effect on the stomach that lactose can sometimes cause. But Universal have used a digestive enzyme blend to be double sure of this. Each flavour tastes delicious making post-workout shakes even more enjoyable. At 25g protein per serving, this is enough to trigger muscle protein synthesis and make sure you recover quickly for maximum growth.


Use either first thing in the morning or post-workout for best results. Animal Whey is an ideal protein supplement to support your fitness needs year-round. If using at night we recommend mixing Animal Whey with milk to slow down absorption of the protein while you sleep.


As Animal Whey is completely natural it can be used by anyone looking to improve recovery and muscle repair. With high marks for taste and low in fat and carbs Animal Whey is perfect for those serious about wanting a protein that works.


Universal Animal Whey 908g Cookies & Cream


Mix 1 scoop of Animal Whey with 4-6 ounces of skim milk or your beverage of choice. For best results, use a blender or Animal Shaker Cup. On training days, use 2 or more servings post-workout or whenever more protein is required. For more flavor, use slightly less liquid when mixing up Animal Whey.



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