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Firm Beastie Ball & Base
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Firm Beastie Ball & Base

Firm Beastie Ball & Base Recovery Aids and Foam Rollers

Rumble Roller


Improve Recovery


Gym Accessory: Self Massage



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Firm Beastie Ball & Base

Product Guide

Perfect tool for self-massage

Gets to areas you cannot reach with a standard foam or even rumble roller

Targeted action makes this perfect for forearms, and calves

Portable device means you can always roll whenever you need to

Used before a workout to help improve functional range of motion

After a workout this can help with improving mobility and comfort

Firm Beastie Ball & Base


By using the firm beastie ball and base you can expect to improve the tone of your muscles and help to eliminate tight shoulders, stiff backs and so on. If you struggle with range of motion and muscle stiffness/soreness the beastie ball and base is perfect and should be used in conjunction with a Rumble Roller for maximum results. Even if you are not someone who thinks they have areas where the muscles are tight, believe us when we say this device will find areas where you are!


We recommend using this before any exercise where you will be working in complex movement patterns but limiting the intensity and time used. After your session is over you can use it for a longer period of time to really help with recovery in the days after your workout.


Anyone who trains intensely, no matter what the sport, will benefit from using this but it is particularly valuable for those who do not have the time or resources to invest in regular sports massage sessions.