Rumble Roller 77.5cm x 15cm
Rumble Roller 77.5cm x 15cm

Rumble Roller 77.5cm x 15cm Recovery Aids and Foam Rollers

Rumble Roller


Improve Recovery


Gym Accessory: Rumble Roller


77.5cm x 15cm

Rumble Roller 77.5cm x 15cm

Product Guide

Awesome alternative to expensive massage treatment

Use the Rumble Roller as a self-massage tool to help treat aches and tight knots in muscles

Used before exercise Rumble Rollers can help with mobilising joints for greater range of motion

Full length version enables you to work the full length of your legs and torso more easily

Use regularly to improve flexibility, mobility and reduce soreness from training

Rumble Roller 77.5cm x 15cm


We love Rumble Rollers as a way to help keep our bodies in peak condition. Heavy weight training, and sedentary jobs take a toll on our bodies leading to inhibited range of motion and impaired performance during exericse as well as leading to faulty movement patterns that can cause injury. By using a Rumble Roller regularly you will be able to maintain an improved tone to your muscles and feel freer in your movement as well as finding it easier to be pain free.


Use Rumble Rollers before exercise in any tight spots such as the hip flexors to help mobilise your joints and achieve a better range of motion. More usually, most will want to use these rollers after exercise and maybe before they go to bed where it is a great way to get your body loose and your muscles relaxed.


Everyone who wants to maintain optimal flexibility and freedom of movement as well as those wishing to help reduce pain caused by poor movement patterns.