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Rumble Roller Gator
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Rumble Roller Gator

Rumble Roller Gator Recovery Aids and Foam Rollers

Rumble Roller


Increased Flexibility


Gym Accessory: Rumble Roller



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Rumble Roller Gator

Product Guide

One size innovative roller that will suit all types

Allows a deeper massage than conventional rollers

Cross-frictional massage support

Improves recovery

Help enhance mobility

Size: 540mm x 110mm

Rumble Roller Gator


The Gator Roller helps to ensure a more comfortable training experience, lower the risk of injury and improve your flexibility while also improving recovery after a workout.


We suggest using it lightly before a workout in any tight spots and then again after a workout. There is no real cap to how often it should be used - your body will be the best judge.


Anyone who wants to feel more comfortable in their range of motion, recover more quickly and specifically those who experience tight, knotty muscles.