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Original Beastie Plus Base
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Original Beastie Plus Base

Original Beastie Plus Base Recovery Aids and Foam Rollers

Rumble Roller


Improve Recovery


Gym Accessory: Self Massage



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Original Beastie Plus Base

Product Guide

The best massage ball around

Gets to hard to reach areas better than a full size foam or Rumble Roller

Targeted pain relief enables you to recuperate faster from tough workouts

Perfect to use before exercise to enhance mobility and range of motion

Feels good, the closest thing to a massage you can get

Portable device which you can take anywhere

Original Beastie Plus Base


Anyone who partakes in physical exercise will over time come to experience aches and pains many of which are due to muscle tightness which can restrict mobility and compromise results. The Beastie Ball is the perfect tool for applying self massage to areas of the body where "knots" of muscle are causing pain in the surrounding area and inhibiting both health and recovery. Easy to use, it complements a Rumble Roller by enabling better massage of hard to reach areas of the body like your calves and groin region.


Beastie Balls and mobility aids in general should really be used on an ongoing basis rather than waiting until you are in pain or suffering from poor range of motion. Try this before you exercise in any areas that feel tight and use it before bedtime as well to help you relax and get your body in better physical condition.


Anyone who trains will find a benefit from this but for those who are experiencing sore backs, legs and restricted mobility, the Beastie Ball is a godsend.