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Protein: Save up to 20%
Predator Mass
Protein: Save up to 20%
Predator Mass

Predator Mass Weight Gainers

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Save up to 20% on Protein products


Predator Mass

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High carb, low sugar mass gainer

Over 390kcal per serving

Convenient way to add in extra calories that you need

Made from high quality protein sources

Tried and tested to ensure a great flavour and texture

Delivers 32g of protein and 50g of carbs per serving

Predator Mass


The nutritional panel on the Predator Nutrition Mass are enough to help get those biceps pumped. With 32g of protein, 50g of carbs and only 3g of sugar, the combined ingredients within contribute to your calorie surplus. Alongside a structured strength training plan and adequate diet, these shakes can help you to get the calories in that you need to supplement your active lifestyle.


Mass is the ideal way to consume extra calories throughout your bulking phase without taking in lots of sugars. You can use in your morning breakfast, after exercise or in between meals to achieve the calorie surplus needed to gain weight.


Predator Nutrition’s Predator Mass is the ultimate convenience in protein shakes. If you want to gain weight, build your strength and size but struggle to eat your calories, then a weight gainer is the perfect option for you.



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