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Hydroxycut Clinical
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Hydroxycut Clinical

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Hydroxycut Clinical

Product Guide

Clinical weight loss formula to assist in fat loss

Contains caffeine to support energy though the day

Essential vitamins for a healthy immune system

Glucomannan, shown to contribute to weight loss

Maximum fat loss on calorie restricted diets

Improved mood and mental alertness

Hydroxycut Clinical


The purpose of using Clinical Hydroxycut is to maximise fat loss while keeping energy levels sustained and reducing fatigue that can occur through a calorie deficit. By slowing down the absorption rate of sugars, this prevents an unwanted insulin spike when ingesting carbohydrates therefore limiting fat storage.


Clinical Hydroxycut is best used throughout the day but recommended not to be taken 5 hours before bed due to the caffeine content. You should make sure you are on the correct diet aimed at targeting fat loss.


Healthy adults aged 18 and over, looking to lose body fat while on a healthy, calorie controlled diet.



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