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Locked Down
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Locked Down

Locked Down Intra Workout Supplements

Condemned Labz


Increase Endurance






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Locked Down

Product Guide

Keep your blood sugar nice and steady

Suitable for pre-workout and post-workout consumption

Blow your anabolic window wide open

New levels of efficiency with glucose disposal

Make it through your cheat days without hindering your progress

Muscle mass can go through the roof

Locked Down


Condemned Labz have made a simple formula, comprised of only three parts, to act as basic support that can enhance the work you put into your workout and maximise the results, They have covered three areas that apply to your progress; Creatine is included to unlock a new level of energy, L-Taurine is featured to assure that you recover in no time, and HydroMax ® delivers a pump.


It is time to consider an intra-workout such as Locked Down if you think that the hard work that you're doing could go further in terms of how far it's taking you to your targets. On training day, take one scoop and add it to some colder. Mix well, and consume around no earlier than 30 minutes before you get started.


Locked Down is suitable for any athlete! However, due to the components focus around recovery, pumps and energy, we'd recommend this to those undergoing particularly intense training sessions. Do you enjoy powerlifting, max interval cardio, CrossFit, etc? These are the workouts that require the boost and are more likely to lead to injury if you're not careful. Locked Down can help you out.



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