Gold Standard BCAA
Gold Standard BCAA

Gold Standard BCAA Intra Workout Supplements

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Gold Standard BCAA

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5g of BCAA's promote recovery and muscle repair

Vitamin C combats cortisol and enhances immunity

Contains Rhodiola Rosea to improve mood and adapt to stress

Combats fatigue while consumed during exercise sessions

Unique blend of electrolytes and Wellmune®

Mixes easily and makes for a light, refreshing drink any time of the day

Gold Standard BCAA


Gold Standard BCAA is a BCAA based recovery drink which provides exactly 5g of BCAA's, a dose which has been shown to maximise muscle protein synthesis and recovery. For hard training athletes wanting the fastest route to replenish muscle broken down during training Gold Standard BCAA is the answer as unlike proteins this is already in the ultimate form the body requires to replace muscle tissue lost during training. Gold Standard BCAA combines the BCAA's with supporting nutrients such as Vitamin C and Rhodiola Rosea which work to combat fatigue and improve mental acuity thereby enabling you to maintain performance at a high level right to the very end of your workout.


Gold Standard BCAA is perfect for use during a training session as it gets to work quickly and provides your body with a ready source of BCAA's which is vital as they get broken down very quickly whenever you train. In addition to using during training, Gold Standard BCAA can be drunk between meals to help elevate muscle protein synthesis. Indeed, a great deal of research has shown that consuming 5g of BCAA's has the same anabolic effect as a meal with 30g of protein and it is therefore a great idea to have a drink of this to maximise muscle growth between meals.


Banned substance tested, Gold Standard BCAA can be taken by anyone from an elite athlete to those seeking a refreshing pick-me up as the Rhodiola in this will improve focus without the need for stimulants.



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