Preworkout: Save 15%
Potassium Nitrate
Preworkout: Save 15%
Potassium Nitrate

Potassium Nitrate Pre-Workout

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Muscle Pump/Vascularity






Save up to 20% on preworkouts!

120 Capsules

Potassium Nitrate

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Great for vascularity

Cheap and effective way to drive muscle pumps

Nitrates are shown to boost endurance across multiple sports

Effective pre-workout performance enhancer

Pumps fuel your muscle

Potassium Nitrate


Nitric oxide is well known for its pump-enducing properties and has been a popular ingredient in pre-workouts for years. iForce have found a way to massively increase nitric oxide levels through using potassium nitrate, the premier form of nitrate utilization. Potassium nitrate contains a high percentage of Nitrates in each molecule, unlike other popular nitrates currently available. This means you need to take less material to get more nitrates. You’ll get unbeatable pumps for well-fuelled muscles and improved performance.


This product should be taken before workout to massively increase performance-enhancing pumps.


Not everyone appreciates the feeling of the pump effect, but it does have great performance enhancing benefits, and few products produce quite such impressive pumps as Potassium Nitrate, so if you’re looking to improve your gym performance, this is for you!


IForce Nutrition Potassium Nitrate


Take 1 single dose of 2-4 capsules of iForce Nutrition’s Potassium Nitrate 30 minutes prior to a workout. Take it on its own, stack it with Hemavol or Conquer, or any pre-workout product of your choice to see just how powerful this new sports nutrition break though truly is.



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