Protein: Save up to 20%
Carnivor Shred
Protein: Save up to 20%
Carnivor Shred
Carnivor Shred

Carnivor Shred Protein Powder



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Protein Powder




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Carnivor Shred

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Accelerates your fat loss and stimulates muscle growth to sculpt a Greek God-esque physique!

Perfect paleo protein source free from dairy

Over 20g of premium quality Protein per serving

Contains Super 6-Paradol for reduced appetite, promotion of thermogenesis and decreased cravings

Caffeine ensures mental clarity, focus and well-being are kept optimal alongside boosts in energy

Free from fat, cholesterol, sugar and lactose

Carnivor Shred


Take your physique a step above your competition with MuscleMeds' Carnivor Shred Beef Isolate, designed to transform your body into a supercharged, anabolic machine with the aesthetics to rival world-class physique competitors. Super 6-Paradol is the newest yet arguably most exciting ingredient in this product, aiding adherence to your diet through reduced appetite and cravings, and acceleration of thermogenesis. Combined with Caffeine, your energy levels can remain high while your body remains in a fat-burning state, with the mental clarity and focus of a champion. At over 20g of Protein per serving, you can mitigate against catabolism while fuelling your muscles to undertake killer training sessions... and well and truly be the best.


Carnivor Shred can be used at any time of day, alongside a balanced nutrition regime when you are looking to lose excess body fat.


Ideally suited for those undertaking a dieting phase in conjunction with a structured training and nutrition plan. Alongside a calorie deficit comes fatigue and reductions in performance - both of which Carnivor Shred is formulated to mitigate against, and thus the greatest effects will be seen in those experiencing such effects.



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