Smart Protein Clear
Smart Protein Clear

Smart Protein Clear Whey Isolate and Whey Hydrolysate

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Smart Protein Clear

Product Guide

20g of high quality easily dissolved whey protein isolate

Light and refreshing, no milky taste or texture

Less than 1g sugar per serving

2 delicious flavours

Smart Protein Clear


If your usual choice is an all-rounder whey protein but you don’t like the milky texture, you need to try Smart Whey Clear. This premium whey protein isolate drink is light and totally refreshing, with none of the heavy milk mouthfeel of a traditional whey. You’ll get a whopping 20g protein from whey protein isolate, and less than 1g sugar per 85 kcal serving.


Keeping a close eye on your macros? Smart Protein Clear will help you hit your protein intake with almost zero carbs, sugars, or fats. As it is so light on the stomach, it is perfect for easy digestion after a workout.


PhD Smart Clear Whey is suitable for anyone choosing to increase their protein intake, whether it be to increase or support the maintenance of muscle mass, recover from exercise, or anyone simply looking for a low sugar, low calorie whey protein drink with no milky taste or texture.