Prohormones For Dummies

Prohormones For Dummies

Beginners to prohormones

I field more questions from beginners than any other customers and unfortunately they are often the ones who have been most misled by the myths and inaccurate information which is passed off to them as fact by the uneducated or the unethical. Quite simply, any beginner to prohormones, or someone who may have only used prohormones infrequently and with poor results, should not even consider some of the prohormones that are available on the market today. For this individual the most important thing is to establish good training and dietary habits and ensure they have been training for a minimum of two years and are at least 21 years of age. Personally, I would recommend not using prohormones until users have at least five years training experience and have experimented with the other bodybuilding supplements available on the marketplace today. Once ready then I would look at prohormones exhibiting high anabolic (muscle building) action with low androgenic and estrogenic action (low side effects). These compounds tend to be the easiest to recover from and the least stressful on the body enabling comfortable progress and retention of gains. The options in this category are:

Fusion Supplements 11-KT

Fusion Supplements Delta 2

Fusion Supplements 11-OXO

Choose ONE of the above and run at the dose recommended by the manufacturer for no more than four weeks. While taking these compounds I recommend some form of cycle support to ensure cardiovascular and liver health is optimised - Competitive Edge Labs Cycle Assist is ideal. Use this at one scoop a day. For post cycle I recommend the stack below:

Fusion Supplements Post Cycle Matrix
Driven Sports Lean Xtreme
Hydrapharm Alchemy

Take EITHER Alchemy or Post Cycle Matrix with Lean Xtreme for four to six weeks at the conclusion of your prohormone cycle.


For athletes in this range we can consider one of two options. The first is to stack any of the compounds previously listed with Fusion Supplements Androtest in one cycle. For instance, you could run Cynostane with Androtest and gain a very beneficial effect with low side effects. Anyone considering stacking should take note that you do not need to run the products at the full dose as you would if taken alone. Also we only advise stacking Androtest and one other. You would not stack Cynostane with Havoc, for instance, as they are more likely to lead to liver toxicity. Instead if you take both at 2/3 or 3/4 of the full dose you will still get an increased effect without excessive side effects.

Alternatively, you can eschew the use of any of the beginner prohormones and instead pick something which is more potent. This list includes Androtest but this time taking it at its full dose along with a number of other products which will exert greater anabolic effects compared to the beginner prohormones, but which also will require stronger options for on-cycle and post cycle support. Options include:

RPN Havoc  or IBE Epistane (same active compound)

Fusion Supplements Androtest
Fusion Supplements Halo Drol

Fusion Supplements Decalone


Fusion Supplements Androtest

Advanced Users

Advanced users would be those who have run many cycles and find they need more now to continue to gain muscle mass and are willing to tolerate the increased risk of side effects that comes with stronger products and higher doses. One option would be to combine any of the products in the intermediate section above with Androtest. This will produce extra gains without too much in the way of more side effects. You would not stack Havoc, Epistane or Fusion Meth with each other though.

Another option is to select a product that is stronger still. Options include:

Fusion Supplements Nano Drol
Fusion Supplements M1,4ADD

Fusion Supplements Nano 1T

Any of these three can be run alone for profound gains in size and strength.  

Mutant Stacks

For those who have seen and taken everything, for whom training and muscle gains are a religion, the options are reduced in terms of what can be done to further increase muscle mass. Now, we have to look at stacking prohormones to achieve maximal results while avoiding causing undue stress on the liver. We minimise liver stress by using cycle support and avoiding stacking two methylated prohormones. Options include:

Androtest + Nano Drol
Androtest +Nano 1T


Ultimate Hulk Stacks

At this point there is not much left to do as you must be a beast to need the stack below, but for those who are looking for the final level in prohormone stacks here it is:

Androtest + Decalone + Nano 1T
Androtest + Nano Drol + Nano 1T

Anyone running a stack like the one above should expect explosive muscle gains. Even at a reduced dosage of each compound (we recommend no more than 50% of the normal dose) gains should come at a much accelerated rate. 

A note on PCT

We touched earlier on essential supplements for PCT and cycle support but for the advanced, mutant, and hulk stacks we suggest adding one or more of the following products to PCT: 

Driven Sports Activate Xtreme
Hydrapharm Alchemy 

Fusion Supplements Post Cycle Matrix

Hydrapharm Alchemy


Hopefully after reading this article, you'll have gained a better understanding of Pro-hormones and know which type of products you should take depending on your experience level.

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