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Lean Whey 362g Chocolate
Lean Whey 362g Chocolate

Lean Whey 362g Chocolate Diet Proteins

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Diet Proteins



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Lean Whey 362g Chocolate

Product Guide

Helps support dieters to burn more fat

20g of protein per serving helps spare muscle from being lost when dieting

Very low in fat and carbs

Contains CLA, shown to help improve fat loss and aid retention of muscle when dieting

Green tea and l-carnitine amplify fat loss and by increasing fatty acid utilisation

Mixes easily and tastes great

Contains milk protein to help keep dieters full for longer

Lean Whey 362g Chocolate


Lean Whey is a protein designed for helping users diet more effectively. By supplying high amounts of protein it spares your muscles from being broken down for energy when dieting while the inclusion of scientifically validated fat burners such as green tea, cla and l-carnitine ensures that your body burns fat at an accelerated rate but without the need for heavy stimulants.


Lean Whey can be used any time of day. Additionally, although it is marketed as a diet protein there is no reason why users could not use it at any time since in the presence of a caloric surplus its combination of high protein and nutrients to improve body composition could help improve the ratio of muscle to fat gained while bulking.


For men and women who want to fuel their diet efforts with a high quality protein powder formulated by ON to support your goals.


Optimum Nutrition Lean Whey 362g Chocolate


Mix one level scoop into 180-240ml (6-8 oz) of cold water per day.



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