Is Salidroside Superior to Rhodiola Rosea?

Is Salidroside Superior to Rhodiola Rosea?

Is Salidroside Superior to Rhodiola Rosea?



  1. What is Salidroside?
  2. Benefits of Rhodiola
  3. Side Effects
  4. Product Recommendations
  5. Dosage
  6. Stacking
  7. Conclusion
  8. References

What is Salidroside?

Salidroside is a high purity extract taken from the Rhodiola Rosea herb which grows naturally in Europe, Asia and North America. The roots of the plant have been widely used both in traditional medicine and in more recent years to formulate supplements. Being the main bioactive compound in Rhodiola, we can apply the benefits of taking Rhodiola to Salidroside. Salidroside content in regular Rhodiola will not be as high as it will when using a Salidroside specific supplement which comes with a higher potency. In fact, Rhodiola Rosea extracts contain only about 1% Salidroside. For this reason, taking Salidroside alone may be the smarter option.

We will use the terms Salidroside and Rhodiola interchangeably throughout this article.

Benefits of Rhodiola

In traditional medicine, especially in mountainous areas of Russia and Scandanavia, Rhodiola was used in treatment of anxiety and depression. This makes sense when considering that we now know Rhodiola is an adaptogen, meaning it improves the body’s response to stress. 

Now, Rhodiola is considered the second most popular adaptogen to supplement (after Ginseng) by many. It has become a popular ingredient in a whole host of sports supplements, from nootropics to fat burners to pre-workouts. 

But what about Salidroside? 

At present, more studies focus on Rhodiola Rosea than Salidroside specifically, but that is not to say that the research isn’t out there!

‘A number of studies have revealed that salidroside exhibits neuroprotective activities, including anti-Alzheimer’s disease, anti-Parkinson’s disease, anti-Huntington’s disease, anti-stroke, anti-depressive effects, and anti-traumatic brain injury; it is also useful for improving cognitive function, treating addiction, and preventing epilepsy.(Zhong et al., 2018)

Interestingly, for many of our readers who are athletes, Salidroside has been used to alleviate fatigue and enhance endurance in high altitude regions. Salidroside seems to regulate myogenesis (the formation of new muscle tissues), which may mean it will have future application in combatting degenerative muscular diseases. (Zhang et al., 2018)

Salidroside has even been tested on diabetic mice to relieve oxidative stress. The study concluded that Salidroside prevented β-cell failure via AMPK activation. This highlights a potential use for salidroside in diabetes control. (Ju et al., 2017)

Side Effects

No human studies have found side effects that have been deemed clinically relevant. RR has a very low level of toxicity in rats, with lethal dose in humans calculated to be around 234g for a 70kg person!

It is worth noting that Rhodiola is slightly stimulatory (but in a different way to caffeine), so you may want to keep this in mind when scheduling dosage.


When looking for formulas that utilise rhodiola rosea, you can find this ingredient in a variety of products due to its many benefits.

Genius Joy (happiness nootropic)

Genius Joy is the all natural mood boosting supplement. Its Serotonin Support complex contains SAMe, Rhodiola and Ginseng with vitamins and minerals intended to combat anxiety. In this supplement you will also find focus and cognitive support and dopamine boosting ingredients. 

Big Noise (non-stimulant pre-workout)

Big Noise by Redcon1 delivers pumps and focus while hitting the gym without any stimulants. Alpha GPC, Huperzine and Rhodiola come together to enhance mood and motivation if training late at night or sensitive to stimulants. 

Reclaim (fat burner)

Reclaim takes a unique approach to fat burners, incorporating l-tyrosine and Rhodiola to support the production of noradrenaline and dopamine and reduce mental stress and fatigue when you hit a slump in a diet. 

Hydrapharm Salidroside

As for a pure Salidroside supplement, we would recommend Hydrapharm's product. Hydrapharm is one of our most trusted exclusive brands, and you can read all about their story here

Hydrapharm Salidroside Reviews

I have used rhodiola rosea many times in the past, but I didn't feel with it the same effect that Salidroside gave to me. Most of all, I noticed the adaptogenic effect to stress.’

Great in the morning with a cup of coffee to get your brain going, provides a nice subtle uplift to your mood.


Salidroside Dosage

Rhodiola Dosage: Most people will find that there is a sweet spot when dosing Rhodiola. Too much and too little can both negate the benefits. A dose of between 200-680mg of Rhodiola with 3% rosavins and 1% salidroside has proven effective in most. When combined with other nootropics or adaptogens, the lower end of the effective dose may be used. 

Salidroside Dosage: Hydrapharm recommend 2 capsules split across day of their Salidroside supplement, which amounts to 15mg per day.   

Salidroside can be used year-round without any adverse effects. While some benefits will be noticed immediately, others (such as cognitive function) might take up to 6 weeks to be noticeable. 



Rhodiola can be stacked with almost anything! 

Use with Bacopa Monnieri for enhanced nootropic effects.

Stack with caffeine if using early in the morning or pre-workout for a boost in energy.

Combine with another adaptogen such as ashwagandha during stressful times.


Salidroside seems to be a great supplement to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression and boost physical performance, among more possible benefits. It is likely that we will be seeing more of Rhodiola in years to come. Studies thus far have indicated that, in future, it may be a candidate for treating neurological disorders.



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