Reversing Stimulant Tolerance with 9-MBC: 2021 Review

Reversing Stimulant Tolerance with 9-MBC: 2021 Review

Reversing Stimulant Tolerance with 9-MBC: 2021 Review


What is 9-MBC?

9-MBC (9-Me-BC) is a nootropic supplement which you might not be familiar with if you’ve only experimented with more ‘mainstream’ ingredients. Specifically, the type of nootropic it can be classed as is a dopaminergic, cognitive enhancer with stimulant properties.

Hydrapharm 9-MBC


How Does 9-MBC Work?

Neuron Growth

Studies have shown incredibly promising results for 9-MBC in stimulating neuron growth. One study, published in the Journal of Neurochemistry in 2010, concluded that ‘neurite outgrowth of TH immunoreactive (THir) neurons was likewise stimulated’. This is supported by the findings of a 2012 rat study which found comparable results in an incredibly short time frame, stating that ‘10 days (but not 5 days) of pharmacological treatment with 9-me-BC improves spatial learning in the radial maze, elevates dopamine levels in the hippocampal formation, and results after 10 days of treatment in elongated, more complex dendritic trees and higher spine numbers on granule neurons in the dentate gyrus of 9-me-BC-treated rats.’

Decreased Inflammation

9-MBC seems to reduce inflammation in the brain, which can lead to serious health consequences in the long term. It does this by decreasing inflammatory cytokines in the brain and creating an anti-inflammatory environment in the CNS (Polanski, Enzensperger, Reichmann and Gille, 2010).

Increased Libido

For some, increasing dopamine related activity in the brain is the key to regaining a healthy libido. Dopamine, like serotonin, is a neurotransmitter involved in the regulation of cognitive, integrative and reward processes. The central dopaminergic system is a key element of the control of sexual function in both males and females. It is no surprise that many 9-Me-BC users report a significant increase in libido!

9-MBC Benefits

So, based on what we know of 9-MBC’s MoA, here are some of the benefits you may experience…

  • Improved reaction times
  • Supports higher levels of dopamine
  • Increased focus
  • Enhanced concentration
  • Long-lasting energy boost
  • Stimulates neuron and neurite growth

Using 9-Me-BC To Reduce Stimulant Tolerance

As we have touched on, 9-MBC can help regenerate dead dopaminergic neurons. With this in mind, it has promise for playing a part in recovery of the dopaminergic system, which may be necessary following abuse of stimulants such as caffeine.

Many athletes will use periods such as deloads to cut out caffeine when the performance benefit is no longer needed, in the hopes that it will help them resensitise to pre-workout type products. In theory, this may be a great window to use 9-MBC!

Anecdotally, users have reported better results compared to using substances including BPC-157 and Bromantane for the same purpose.

9-MBC Dose, Cycle and Stacking Guide

Users report feeling the effects of 9-MBC within just a couple of days. Due to its relatively long half-life for a nootropic (thought to be around 15-24 hours) dosing once per day will be optimal for a sustained benefit while taking the supplement.

The recommended dosage is 15-30mg per day, with Hydrapharm 9-MBC coming in at an ideal 15mg per capsule. It is not recommended to take year-round, with some taking for short periods only when needed, and others cycling for up to 4 weeks at a time before taking at least 4 weeks off the supplement.

Hydrapharm’s 9-MBC is a single ingredient product containing only 9-methyl-beta-carboline. This product as a standalone receives rave reviews and repeat orders which goes to show its efficacy without the need to stack.

We have very little data on 9-MBC being used in a stack, however Hydrapharm do suggest stacking with ‘Neurogenesis’ in their study bundle. In your ‘off’ periods from 9-MBC, you may look to use other nootropics which work to increase dopamine, such as L-Tyrosine or L-Dopa.

Hydrapharm 9-MBC

Final Thoughts

9-MBC shows great promise in restoring dopamine levels and might be helpful in recovering from hard stimulant use. By aiding neuron regeneration, 9-MBC comes with many ‘typical’ nootropics benefits, like increasing cognition and energy.

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