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Essential Gains
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Essential Gains

Essential Gains Clearance

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Muscle Pump/Vascularity




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30 Servings

Essential Gains

Product Guide

Contains all 9 essential amino acids

Added ingredients to keep you hydrated

Can be stacked with Conteh carb powder

Supplements protein intake

Available in 3 flavours

Essential Gains


Conteh Sports Essential Gains is a non-proprietary Essential Amino Acid supplement designed to be taken to support your daily protein intake. Formulated using all 9 Essential Amino Acids, yielding 10.3g per 15.5g serving; of which 3g L-Leucine, 2.5g L-IsoLeucine, 2.5g L-Valine. 2g Cocomineral trademarked coconut water powder and 50mg Actigin.


Essential Gains is designed to be stacked alongside Carb Drive; to create a productive intra-workout stack. EAA supplements can be beneficial during both cutting and bulking!


Essential Gains can be used by anyone who is regularly breaking down muscle during hard training to support recovery and growth. There are also added hydration ingredients which can assist those who sweat a lot, or perhaps aren't always adequately hydrated going into the gym.


Conteh Sports Essential Gains


Simply mix 1 serving with water and consume during, or around, your training session.