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War Zone
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War Zone

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90 Capsules

War Zone

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Healthy bones and muscle function

Ideal muscle repair and recovery

Well-studied formula

90 capsules provide a month's worth of servings

Incorporates Leucine; arguably the most important BCAA

Ideal to work alongside resistance training

War Zone


War-Zone is a container of handy capsules that can help enhance your commitment to a healthy diet and intense training. There is 500mg of Leucine, arguably the most important and effective branched-chain amino acid available, in one serving. If you need a little help getting to the lean and low-fat figure you've been working towards, this could be it.


This supplement can be taken at any time of the day, but we'd recommend post-workout consumption to enhance the recovery and repair effects as much as possible for your next workout. For best results, take with a protein-rich meal.


There are no particular dietary requirements that restrict the consumption of this supplement to anyone. However, it is most ideally suited to those on protein-heavy diets, and who do a lot of resistance training.



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