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Foxtrot Joint Health Supplements



Improve Health


Postworkout: Recovery



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300 Capsules


Product Guide

Helps to reduce inflammation within the joints

Maintains cartilage, tendons and joint health

Can improve joint mobility

Helps an athlete during intense training

Improves overall joint health

Inflammation, no more



Our joints undergo excess amounts of stress, pressure and tension not only as we age, but whilst we train or even do day-to-day activities. Redcon1 have revealed their first joint health formula, and it sits as one of the best formulas that we have seen. Containing natural ingredients and herbs that have been scientifically shown to improve multiple different aspects of joint health and even strengthen them too. Don't just aim to improve muscle mass, but look deeper into the bones and joints and you will feel stronger and fitter all the time.


It is suggested to take Foxtrot at the beginning of every day. The recommended serving size is 6 tablets. You should use Foxtrot at times when your joints are particularly under stress and load. This could be during winter months when it is colder or when you are doing heavier training in your periodized plan.


If you individually suffer with painful joints when you move, then this supplement is ideal for you. It is also highly recommended for athletes to promote optimal physical when in or out of the gym.